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Dr. Sheri Fluellen & JP Fluellen have been happily married for over 20 years, have 4 lively children, have started and run multiple businesses.  They have devoted their lives to teaching, growing and learning in both the real estate space and the entrepreneur world.  Starting and growing Cheyenne REIA is the culmination of their passions for real estate, business development, legacy-building, and personal growth. 

While the Cheyenne REIA is a place for diverse learning and networking with investors near and far, Dr Sheri & JP are committed to ensuring it remains high quality and high relevant!

You will become a CRITICAL part of the value & success of this community!



Dr. Sheri has been a real estate investor for 14 years and has been in the business of changing lives for 18 years, through her work as a Psychologist, High Performance, and Entrepreneur.

Dr. Sheri brings her unique experiences, talents, and skills to the table in her work.  She is skilled at seeing potential and identifying patterns that need to be changed, whether in real estate, business or personal life, to facilitate your best.  

She is gifted in teaching and encouraging others to move towards their dreams.  What better goals than the fun and financial wins from real estate, as they can in turn, fund the rest of your dreams!!!

** 3 fun facts: 

  • Sheri is an artist and loves to paint canvas abstracts.  She painted over 40 of them in one day to decorate a commercial office building.

  • Sheri has a not-so-secret passion for running and has successfully completed 5 marathons and many half-marathons and other races. 

  • Sheri was an Officer in the Air Force, which overlapped some of the time JP was in the Army.  Because she outranked him, he had to salute her once when they were both in uniform!


JP has been a real estate investor for 14 years, a Real Estate Agent (and now Associate Broker) for over a decade, and is actively growing the largest Real Estate Team in our state. 

He has a habit of making waves as he boldly pursues the FUTURE of real estate rather than staying in the traditional way of doing things.  He LOVES sharing his passion and energy with those around him, and he has a keen eye for building valuable relationships. 

If you've never laughed around him, chances are you haven't met him.  He has an innate talent and drive to keep things fun and make people laugh. All while keeping a focus on the goals in front of him and those around him.

** 3 fun facts: 

  • JP was a light-wheel mechanic in the Army for 13 years and did a 13-month tour in Iraq. Thankfully he was never shot at!
  • JP is a musician, and was a singer/guitarist/harmonica player/dancer in a professional band for 7 years.
  • JP LOVES performing stand up comedy and can mimic over 30 different celebrity and TV personality voices.  Never a dull moment in our household!!

We are not the sole experts in Real Estate in our neck of the woods.  We are thrilled to partner with so many other amazing investors and supporters, to bring valuable diverse learning & networking.

However, we want to share with you what many of our friends, colleagues, and clients have said about our work....

  • "When I first met JP, I hardly knew what 'real estate' was and now, in the last 8 months, I've been able to buy 2 rental properties and one primary.  All from him teaching me, pushing me, and guiding me in the proper direction." Hunter M, Real Estate Investor
  • "Dr Sheri is the best! She has a way of pulling your potential out of you, and helping you see the path ahead of you, that seemed so unclear only moments ago. She has a heart to serve, and she practices what she preaches. Her mastermind, has helped me to transform many areas of my life from my business, my marriage and the relationships I have with my kids.   Working with Dr. Sheri is one of the best things I could have ever done!" - Sara G, Real Estate Investor & Realtor
  • "JP has proven himself to be trustworthy and honest. One of the hardest working guys I know. He has a passion for his business and it shows!" - Jill C, Real Estate Investor
  • "I realize that all of our successes in the Cheyenne Market is because of the effort, intelligence and integrity of [JP]. We don’t even get off the ground in Cheyenne, let alone do profitable deals without JP Fluellen." -Marc W, Corporate Real Estate Investor
  • "Sheri is truly a happy, fun, and engaging coach, and she knows how to read people deeper than most coaches. Having had coaches prior to Sheri, she is much more highly skilled than average and is very customized in her approach. Her background really helps her draw on her deep knowledge of the mind, and I appreciate where she sees things that are in my blind spots and helps me realize them." Daniel F., High Performance Coach & Multi-Business Entrepreneur
  • "I have worked with JP for over a year and a half. Our success is a direct correlation to the work JP puts in." - Will F, Corporate Real Estate Investor 
  • "Sheri is an incredible coach and is beyond a high performer herself. I had the opportunity to get coached by her and it was an absolute game changer. What I learned from her I’ll be able to take with me forever. Incredible human and an absolute pleasure to work with. I highly recommend anyone who gets the chance to work with her to do so! " Dominic R., Wealth Coach & Investor
  • "Then I met with JP.  Then I met with you a few times and saw you guys are fun, laser-focused people and I could learn a lot from you guys."  Andy B, Real Estate Investor
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